The 13th annual Nordic GRC and IT Security conference will bring together compliance, risk, and audit executives from corporations from the Nordics and around the EU. The conference agenda will feature keynote panels and presentations, breakout sessions – including multiple networking opportunities.

This is an overall general preview of the 2020 GRC and IT Security conference agenda, curriculum and program, with inspiring Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT-Security (GRC) topics and issues during the plenum, parallel, workshop and breakout -sessions, at the 13th Annual Nordic GRC summit on the 27th May 2020 in Copenhagen.

The annual GRC conferences are known for attendee participation, live, and productive debate and knowledge sharing. During the sessions, we will conduct a series of surveys with interactive voting for table discussions on the results.

The 13th Annual Nordic GRC summit on the 27th May 2020 is known for an abundance of expert speakers, attendee dialogue and participation, productive debate and knowledge sharing. During the sessions, we will conduct a series of surveys with interactive voting on some GRC issues for table discussions on the spontaneous results.

The conference attracts the participation of governance, compliance, risk, audit, IT and legal executives from corporations around Europe Besides plenum and keynote speakers; we have concurrent panel discussions, workshops, parallel sessions and presentations that deliver high-quality GRC content to suit all trades.

At the conference 15+ speakers and panelists will place their GRC and IT Security expertise on display and offer analysis, views and predictions on what might lie ahead for the enforcement and regulatory climate related to governance, risk management, compliance and IT security officers and their teams.

  • GRC, GDPR and IT Strategy
  • Compliance in Cybersecurity
  • Business Continuity
  • Policies, objectives Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and GDPR
  • Ensure Effective Management and Adequate levels of GRC, GDPR Resources and Compliance
  • GRC, GDPR and IT Legal Issues
  • Assess the performance of HR, Marketing, and GRC departments
  • Data, Information and Cyber Security Compliance

Introduction to Global, GDPR, Data Privacy, Cyber Security and Data Protection Issues
  • GDPR: the story so far…Where are we now
  • The new data protection Landscape
  • Data protection: a consumer perspective
  • Addressing the subjectivity of GDPR
  • Shifting GDPR from project to production
  • Creating a data privacy culture in your organisation
  • Using GDPR to propel business forward
  • An international approach to data protection
  • The new black: how data is the unique competitive advantage

GDPR Components and Issues
  • Practical implications of privacy and GDPR delivery
  • The disaster recovery: get back up and running as fast as possible
  • Protecting data privacy and consumer rights
  • Managing cross-border compliance
  • Managing SARs and individual rights
  • Data breach prevention and response
  • Managing consent: increasing revenue, trust and transparency
  • Subject access rights: GDPR implementation guide Continuing the GDPR compliance journey
  • Challenges to data profiling under GDPR
  • The Key components of third-party data Compliance

Global Compliance Issues
  • NIS (network and information systems) directive: compliance and guidance
  • The ISF Standard of Good Practice for Information Security and its role in developing data protection frameworks
  • Face recognition technology in the context of GDPR
  • What's ahead for ePrivacy regulation
  • ePrivacy: how to align with GDPR, PECR, NIS and other compliance mandates
  • The future of marketing and data protection and ePrivacy

Global GRC and GDPR Marketing
  • Creating a compliant brand’s data strategy
  • How data can be used and its impact on brand behaviour
  • Marketing and advertising in a regulated GDPR landscape
  • Marketing, legitimate interests and concerns around consent
  • PR in breach responses: how companies can deal with them effectively
  • GDPR and direct marketing: what you need to know
  • Opportunities and challenges for marketers
  • The future of advertising post-2018
  • Marketing technology: the role in GDPR compliance
  • The rise of contextual advertising at the expense of personalised advertising

  • Achieving a robust cybersecurity policy:
  • The emerging security threat landscape
  • The future of cybersecurity
  • The state of cybercrime and the elusive cybercriminals: targets and tactics
  • What are the latest developments in cybersecurity?
  • Hacking and cybercrime: what you need to know
  • Cybersecurity breaches: how to deal with them effectively
  • Cybersecurity and BYODs: managing the internal threat
  • Emerging tech trends transforming cyber and privacy

Global GRC and GDPR in Financial Services
  • GDPR for financial services – compliance burden or chance to build customer Trust?
  • GDPR and anti-money laundering compliance
  • The changing landscape of financial services related to GDPR
  • Data privacy and Data Protection Challenges and strategies for MiFID II
  • The outlook for regulation in financial services
  • What are the implications of PSD2 and open banking for organisations? Cryptocurrency and GDPR regulations developments
  • RegTech and the Nexus with Data Protection
  • How PSD2 can assist with third party regulatory obligations Fighting against financial crime
  • Increased security requirements for KYC data PSD2 vs GDPR: the other side of the argument

Global GRC and GDPR, Cloud, Data, IT, Bigdata and Technology
  • Is all data the same? assessing the content of big data for security purposes
  • Data Loss Prevention: Protecting the data that matters
  • Aligning emerging technology in the context of Compliance data protection
  • Technology: reshaping the data protection landscape
  • The latest developments in cloud technologies
  • Technology, GDPR and cross-border data transfers
  • Cloud Security and incident reporting under the NIS directive
  • Aligning technology for data protection
  • Emerging tech trends transforming data protection
  • Securing your network with cloud containers
  • Managing your data through IoT and data protection

Global GRC and GDPR IT and Data Governance Issues
  • The impact of GDPR on the Stakeholders
  • Crisis management: leadership, PR and social media
  • Regaining trust with all stakeholders: change in attitudes towards data Governance, privacy, and ethics
  • The new realities of data governance in a regulated world
  • Protection of intellectual property and trade secrets from insiders
  • GDPR's effect on global data protection policies
  • GDPR and the updated components of accountability, trust and transparency

Global GRC and GDPR Risk Management Issues
  • Qualitative and Quantitative approaches to information risk assessments
  • Integrate Risk Management as the Single Source
  • Risk Management Across Borders
  • The importance of BYOD policies in managing data protection risks and compliance
  • Role of the data protection officer, and the shift towards evidence-based compliance
  • Assessing your GRC, Cyber and GDPR vulnerabilities: a risk management perspective

Case Study
  • Key learnings from infamous data breaches
  • GDPR journey post implementation: a case study
  • A case study in IT, Data and Cyber Security Assurance – the business value proposition
  • Response and recovery planning: a case study

Future, Cyber Security, Blockchain, AI
  • Privacy challenges and solutions for blockchain
  • GDPR and the future for RegTech, risk management and cybersecurity
  • The future of personal privacy and data protection over the next three years
  • What is the future of cloud technologies and data protection
  • Artificial intelligence: privacy concerns and solutions
  • The Future of GDPR and Data Privacy using Blockchain technology
  • Decentralising privacy: using blockchain to protect personal data