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Is Your Compliance Training Creating Apathy? Part III

Compliance training is viewed by organisations as an area in which technology can deliver a big win. This is the final part on compliance e-learning tools to provide you with engaging, cheaper and more personalised content online. How to close the gap between results and expectations with skills-based Compliance Training

Recent research into compliance e-learning revealed that 87% of organisations carryout annual compliance training. Regardless of whether they are outsourcing this need or producing content themselves in-house, costs are being incurred, resource is being consumed and time is being invested.

Training for positive behavioural change
But how are businesses measuring the success of this investment? We offer whitepapers that discuss the evolution from defensibility to engagement, from rules to values and provide practical examples of tools and techniques that will ensure your investment in compliance training results in positive behavioural change – and how to measure and demonstrate the success of your programme. Download whitepaper and

Businesses and technology realities of training
Building on the whitepaper above, another whitepaper discusses how focusing on the skills that are required by employees to abide by the 'rules' helps to effectively mitigate the risk of a compliance breach. It provides practical examples of the kinds of skills that compliance training needs to impart and suggests some key indicators that will enable you to measure how effectively your training has transferred these skills into day-to-day working practices.

Research: Reinvigorating Compliance Training

Compliance training is viewed by organisations as an area in which technology can deliver a big win. Why have face-to-face sessions when you can provide engaging, cheaper and more personalised content online? Well, that's the promise...but does e-enabled content deliver on that promise? In conjunction with independent benchmarking organisation Towards Maturity, SAI Global conducted a major study to provide insights into how to improve the impact of compliance training.

The report lifts the lid on how businesses are using technology-enabled learning to deliver compliance content and examines the hopes, aspirations and realities of compliance training.

At the 8th annual GRC Summit we will conduct a special parallel session on e-learning.