Looking at the risk and compliance challenges ahead it seems there are plenty of intriguing, serious and even critical regulatory requirements to implement in your Organisation.

Where and how do we start to develop and prepare a plan for a risk and compliance implementation model that will secure to create a cross-platform-business-risk approach with no surprises effect?

Copenhagen Compliance has taken the initiative to form a group of subject matter and implementation specialists to establish the optimal scope of Governance, Risk & Compliance functions for your organisation. In short we introduce The What -The Why, and The How, while you are working to organise and structure the operational teams for integrated risk and compliance re-engineering.

We would like to present and explore our Risk and Compliance Framework with you and your Governance, Risk, Compliance and Legal team or subject matter experts through a 2-3 hour workshop.
  • The financial regulation and the EU Banking Union – description/overview of framework, exercise of Oversight and Controls
  • A single supervisory agency – consequences for the financial industry and its compliance
  • The future of EBA, ESMA and FSA – their role and the legal status ¤ The IT tool for legal and compliance risks – a nuanced input from outside ¤ Best practices – a new role of design and supervision in centralised and de-centralised functions

For further information:

We believe that most financial institutions could have an value in coordinating their GRC processes and streams further, with possible division of responsibilities in order to minimize duplication of effort and to build a strong assessment of their "best practices". Copenhagen Compliance is more than just an advisory and consultancy Company. We are Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT security (GRC) business practice that helps the financial and other corporate services and trades to understand and implement sustainable and values based compliance to old and new rules and regulations. We help companies to avoid problems or at least to understand the identified GRC issues before any oversight or inspection. Our methodology and activities focus on the GRC function provides values and results thru long-term GRC concerns for sustainable compliance. Since most of the regulation is written in grey rather than black ink, we provide the necessary research and the structure, roadmap and framework that define the requirements of the various stakeholders and oversight authorities. In other words, we are a GRC partner and practitioner that specializes in both in regular updates, crisis and emergency remedies and try to influence the stakeholders to obtain a state-of-the-art GRC compliance.