The 11th annual Nordic GRC and IT Security conference will bring together compliance, risk, and audit executives from corporations from the Nordics and around the EU. The conference agenda will feature keynote panels and presentations, breakout sessions including multiple networking opportunities.

This is an overall general preview of the 2018 GRC and IT Security conference agenda, curriculum and program, with inspiring Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and IT-Security (GRC) topics and issues during the plenum, parallel, workshop and breakout -sessions, at the 11th Annual Nordic GRC summit on the 20th - 21th March 2018 in Copenhagen.

The annual GRC conferences are known for attendee participation, live, and productive debate and knowledge sharing. During the sessions, we will conduct a series of surveys with interactive voting for table discussions on the results.

The 11th Annual Nordic GRC summit on the 14th - 15th March 2018 is known for an abundance of expert speakers, attendee dialogue and participation, productive debate and knowledge sharing. During the sessions, we will conduct a series of surveys with interactive voting on some GRC issues for table discussions on the spontaneous results.

The two-day conference attracts the participation of governance, compliance, risk, audit, IT and legal executives from corporations around Europe Besides plenum and keynote speakers; we have concurrent panel discussions, workshops, parallel sessions and presentations that deliver high-quality GRC content to suit all trades.

At the conference 30 + speakers and panelsists will place their GRC and IT Security expertise on display and offer analysis, views and predictions on what might lie ahead for the enforcement and regulatory climate related to governance, risk management, compliance and IT security officers and their teams.

Updating Global Compliance Issues
  • A Discussion About the concerns for an Effective Compliance Program
  • Common Compliance Issues and Effective Programs
  • Compliance 2018: Could be The Year of Regulatory Automation

Compliance Officer Responsibilities at The Board Level
  • Taking the Reporting of Metrics to the Next Level
  • The Board of directors Role and Responsibility Before, During and After a crisis is Born

Creating A Risk-Based Compliance Program
  • Building Compliance Tools Using Common Software
  • Refreshing the Compliance program

The Art of Enforcing a Compliance Culture
  • Compliance Performance Assessment Across Silos
  • Embedding Compliance into Business Operations

Modernising Compliance by Evolving the Activities from A Foundational Program To A Value-Creating Strategic Partner
  • Creating Defensible Compliance Programs Through Best Practices Policy Management

Managing Trade Compliance: 2018
  • Review of EU and International Sanctions and Trade Compliance: 2018 Current State
  • Integrating Competition Compliance into Your Global GRC Program

Managing Regulatory Change Across Multiple Jurisdictions
  • The Evolving Approach to Regulatory Enforcement
  • Regulatory Change Management in a Shifting Environment


How to Bridge the Gap Between Legal, Compliance and Operational Risks
  • A Governance review of the latest global scandals
  • Lessons Learned and the Path Forward

Front to Back GRC Compliance: Integrating Across the Three Lines Of Defense
  • A GRC Perspective from the Oversight, Inspections and Examinations
  • Internal Controls Testing Best Practices for GRC Compliance


Addressing the Human Element of Cyber Fraud
  • Reframing Cybersecurity as Risk Management
  • Updating The Human Element on Cyber Fraud

Cyber Data, Big Data; Identifying the Risk and Compliance Red Flags
  • Compliant Cloud Computing
  • Testing and Monitoring Data through Integrated, Digitally-Enabled Approach for Effectiveness

Practical Solutions to Demonstrating GDPR Compliance
  • Customizing the GDPR Program to create Business value and enhanced data privacy
  • Using AI and Data Analytics to Increase GDPR Efficiency and Effectiveness

Updating the Global Audit Issues
  • The Audit of the Future
  • Regulatory Update on Financial Reporting and Audit
  • Auditing & Monitoring for Compliance Program Effectiveness

Global Culture Ethics and Integrity Issues
  • Are You Ignoring Your Ethical Blind spots?
  • Embedding Ethics & Compliance into Business

Defining The Link Between Ethical Culture and Business Success
  • Implementing a Speak Up Culture in the organisation
  • Managing Culture Through M&A Transactions

Global Bribery Fraud and Corruption Issues
  • Happy Birthday FCPA (40m years)! A Toast to the Next Decade of Zero Tolerance
  • Beyond the FCPA: Global Anti-Corruption Regulation and Enforcement

Enforcement of a Global Anti-Corruption and Integrity Program
  • Enhance Anti-Bribery Compliance Programs with Digital and Analytics
  • Implementing the New ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Standard Getting Down to Business!

Addressing Current Global HR Issues
  • Empowering Employees to Give Voice to Values
  • Driving the Elusive Tone at the Middle
  • Training that Challenges Employees

Slavery? That Doesn't Exist Anymore, Does It?!
  • Hev you Identified or Eliminated Slave Labor in Your Supply Chain

Global Holistic Third-Party Due Diligence
  • Best practices in Third Party Risk Management
  • How to Create Value Across the Third-party
  • Extending the Enterprise Outsourcing Transparency Evolution

Updating Global Risk Management Issues
  • From Managing Risk to Creating Value
  • Mitigating Risk from Global Financial Crime
  • One Size Does Not Fit All: How to Customise The Risk Assessments

Integrated Governance Assurance Across the Three Lines of Defense
  • Assessing Your Investigation's Process
  • The Facts, Fiction and the Issues for Whistleblowers
  • Best Practices in Policy Management

Boot Camp to address your GDPR implementation and your challenges at the GDPR workshop

Our deep-dive workshops to improve, refine and sharpen your hands-on capabilities on the IT, legal, organisational and data issues you need to address the GDPR challenges. You can participate in the 11th annual GRC and IT Security Summit or register for the GDPR Bootcamp separately.

This workshop will provide the techniques for implementing or updating the compliance program to fit your organisation. The primary components of the seminar are:
  • IT Security and Data Breach
    • How can we prevent abuse or misuse of personal data?
    • How do we address violations
    • What are the remedies that we use to correct the faults and errors?
  • Privacy by Design: Understanding the Mandates and The Practical Dimensions
    • What is the legal basis of IT and cybersecurity compliance in the organisation
    • How to ensure consistent consent from data subjects to secondary processing
    • The review of the audit process for implementing change in processing personal data?
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessments: The Full Picture
    • How should regularly reviews of the data and process (regular data flow mapping, audits, risk assessments and reviews) to ensure the legal basis has not changed
    • How is the personal information is collected and used?
    • Do we use data exactly for the purpose it was collected?
  • Top Operational Responses to GDPR: What To Do and When
    • We walk through a couple of step-by-step experiences.
The realities of data breach notification and responses require exceptional in-house communication (with information on what to do before, during, and after an incident occurs) to prepare the organisation for a violation, handle tricky multi-jurisdictional legal notices.

Therefore, if you are uncertain that your team is ready for the biggest European data protection reform in 20 years, this workshop will help you prepare. The two experts together with an IT Security manager offer a practical, hands-on view of the essential assessment of the GDPR with knowledge about key concepts, scope of application, individual rights, core principles, compliance in practice, accountability, data protection impact assessments and more.

Key takeaways:
  • The immediate actions to take when presented with a potential data breach
  • How to handle cyber security and lower the risks and exposure to IT and data breaches
  • Regulatory Developments; Info security, Trans-Border Data Flow
  • Learn practical techniques for implementation of a privacy program fitting your organisation
  • Learn from two industry veterans who will help highlight the differences between the new regulation and earlier directives

Bootcamp moderators;

Global Mega Trends

Can Blockchain as a technology, have a general corporate, business and social impact on processes and applications as a disruptor or trade enabler?
  • How can Blockchain impact the companies and industries?
  • What is the role that blockchain technology should play in enabling global trade?
  • Can Blockchain address industry-specific sustainability issues (e.g. corruption, fraud and carbon data)

Global expert Jiri Kram explores the business potential of blockchain technology. Jiri highlights the megatrends and underlying principles of decentralised trust, accountability, transparency and new ways of collaborating through blockchain technology.

China Section

What Are The Major Components Of The Current Chinese Reality? A Warning or An Unprecedented Opportunity
China is currently placing tension in the world markets with fierce price declines, government regulation and restricted growth prospects. With the significant growth of China's household wealth, information management, and E-commerce and E-banking, there is the difference in the cultural context compared to the developed countries in the West. What are the various factors and techniques that could create a different future for business opportunities in China?
  • How will the current decline in prices, housing, stocks and shares affect the Chinese market and consumer and allow China business and industry to flourish?
  • How have the business and management methods evolved, and what factors and techniques in the Chinese context distinguish it from the West?
  • How will the current Chinese problems create unique opportunities for growth in this new market?
  • What kind of market and compliance regulations necessary to maintain sustainability and good governance practice in China?

Speaker; Luka LU.

Special Session on Brexit

Brexit and the current negotiations with the EU Commission has a significant economic impact for all companies in the UK and the EU. The continued domination of the two primary factors is: the risk of a technical recession and significant uncertainty on a regulatory framework on the rules and conditions will apply for future corporate activities. At the 11th Annual Nordic GRC summit on the 14th - 15th March 2018 in Copenhagen, we have invited leading experts to guide companies to review the consequences and uncertainties:
  • How will the outlines of the final agreement between Britain and the EU affect companies?
  • The timeframe of the withdrawal effect; safeguards in the interim?
  • Will the UK meet its obligations under the EU Treaty in the future?
  • What is the content of the many bilateral agreements that Britain will negotiate with EU and outside the EU?
  • Will the UK decide to maintain elements of EU law (Civil Law) as part of English law (Common Law)?