Call for Papers

Call for Papers on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Gross national Happiness (GNH) Issues

Are you a CSR professional? Have you introduced an innovative CSR concept in your business that you would like to showcase your CSR thoughts with your peers? And is your research about current trends in CSR management?
Then you are the right person to submit your work at the global CSR conference in Bhutan during 1st - 3rd October 2014. The theme of the conference is: SETTING THE TONE FOR THE FUTURE CSR POLICY DEVELOPMENT.

The conference is the annual networking highlight for CSR decision makers, managing directors, board members and C-Suite managers under the auspices of Copenhagen Compliance®, known for its global focus on all Governance, Risk Management and Compliance issues. The conference is particularly well known for its comprehensive CSR presentations, panel discussions, Q&A sessions and lectures.

The primary focus of the conference is to combine the components of Gross National Happiness (GNH) as Government responsibility and CSR as a corporate concern for synergies, value creation and Integrating GNH and CSR for the further development of ethics, compliance & sustainability.

Each year CSR experts and conference participants and CSR specialist worldwide, attend the meeting to exchange ideas and to learn about the newest CSR trends and innovations in regulatory compliance, training and development, CSR software and many other key IT tools are also on display and demo.

Before, during and after each conference Copenhagen Compliance® conducts specific research projects exploring the role of CSR in creating business values, in developing corporate procedures and processes, compliance and ethics programs related to all CSR issues.

As a CSR professional - please consider reading some of the articles and presentations in our newsletters and contributing with a paper on the CSR subject of your choice.

The call for papers is now open until the 1st May 2014.

We are specifically looking for submissions on:
  • Developing a global CSR platform to facilitate dialog between global business and political leaders, with primary focus on the current changing environment. How can companies & states cooperate to redefine business strategy and develop performance metrics for sustainability and long-term results?
  • Metrics that capture the integrity and economic effects of CSR through the GNH model.
  • Develop scenarios and look beyond the traditional CSR models using the components of GNH to improve skills development, operational challenges related to values management and improving management infrastructure.
  • International recruitment for CSR professionals with global implementation, and monitoring experiences
  • Combining ethics and sustainability issues to CSR and developing a business case that justifies
  • Implementing innovative IT assessment for global CSR data security issues
  • Visionary CSR e-learning concepts to monitor compliance
  • Conducting lawful and effective global CSR investigations
  • Creating successful global systems of internal control and reporting for monitoring CSR progress. Building a central control and reporting systems that indicate how your organization behaves in a control oriented environment and still maintain the innovation required

We are also keen to hear from international professionals presenting in the English language.

To submit your proposal, please send it to

We look forward to receiving your papers and proposals!